How to prepare for the future of professions? How to join the crowd of future-makers who have the right expertise, skills and mind-sets to stay employable for life or at least to have such an option?

UNIT.City is happy to invite you to a special event with the experts of IE University,  whose Business School is currently  one of the top Business Schools  in the world.

Today’s innovations are completely changing the nature of work. More than ever, it is important for business leaders and workers to understand these shifts to move forward successfully.

Daniel Laya, Professor, Master in Talent Development & HR IE School of Human Sciences & Technology, will talk on:

Current situation in this field and what is coming with special focus on the workplace dynamics changes: flexibility, diversity, ambiguity, influence and disruption.

With advances in AI and machine learning, will jobs as we know them become obsolete?

How we should evolve as professionals to build a successful career on your terms and meet the new reality.

Three strategies that can be applied to any professional group in the corporate world and help us to jump in the future with both feet.

IE Alumni panel will follow the session. Panelists:

Irina Volk, General Manager at Dell Technology Group, Ukraine and West CIS, IE Global Executive MBA;

Rami El – Refai, Special projects manager, EEMEA at Glovo, IE MBA;

Veronika Tamaio Flores, Head Of Consulting at Data Science UA, IE Master in Business Analytics and Big Data;

Thomas Dodds, Associate Director at IE School of Human Science and technology.

More about the speaker:

Daniel Laya has worked for more than 20 years leading HR, Marketing and Customer Care functions in FMCG and utilities multinational companies in South America, Middle East and Western Europe. In 2013 started his own consultancy firm: mIDentity, focused on developing and implementing technologies to accelerate organizational change. Using innovative approaches he has supported the development of leadership teams in organizations that range from multinationals to NGOs and SMEs such as: Loreal, Unicef, Marionnaud, Pikolin, Ferrovial, Segur Ibérica, Alares, RAIS, Action Against Hunger among others.

Daniel is a professional certified coach by the International Coaching Federation. With solid background in business and leadership development, his aim is to support individuals and organizations during their evolution processes in a pragmatic yet powerful way to enable the achievement of their strategic goals.

Language: English (without translation).

Time and Date: 19:30, November 18th.

Location: UNIT.Core event hall, B12 Building, UNIT.City, 3 Dorohozhytska St., Kyiv.

Moderator: @Veronika Tamaio Flores, Head Of Consulting at Data Science UA, IE Master in Business Analytics and Big Data.

Get tickets:

350 UAH

Organizers: @UNIT.City & @IE University.

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